Forget Me Not

For more than twenty years my parent's ran a bed and breakfast inn in Northern California.

It was called The Wedgewood Inn and it was a blue house with blue carpet and blue dishes. In fact, their English bone china was used daily for their guest's breakfasts! Only the finest of everything was lavished upon their customers and it was a dream job for my mother who loved to entertain and host others. One day towards the end of their years running the business, a staff member dropped a whole arm load of the Forget Me Not English china when taking it from the dishwasher. Mom kept many of the broken pieces and asked me if I could do anything with them. That was a couple of years ago and I finally got around to creating what I had envisioned, a soldered pendant necklace using a small piece from the broken plate. As you can see here, I have snipped several more and plan on making keepsake jewelry for each of the women in our family, which is growing now that one of our son's got married this spring!

The Wedgewood Inn never will be forgotten. It holds a special place in all our hearts as a place of refuge, of beauty and of home.

Forget Me Not.

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